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Nsight is a research and education service provider focused on the communication and education of industry trends for the financial community. Nsight is located in the St. Louis, MO office of its sponsor company, NewGround. Nsight provides, develops and implements educational seminars, industry surveys, keynote speaking engagements and management training programs.









During 2005 and 2006, Nsight is undertaking an ongoing national survey to allow kids to express their opinions of the banking industry. With over a $300 Billion dollar influence in America's economy, children are becoming the strongest financial influencing market group.



Oct 27th-28th, 2006




May 23rd, 2006


June 5th, 2006


June 12-13, 2006


June 22nd, 2006


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Imagine Strategy Workshop

November 13th - 14th


BAI Conference,

Las Vegas, NV





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